The Winter Olympics

Hi everyone!

p1_022006_yen_siAs most of you know, the Winter Olympics have begun. I am so happy to get to see them and more importantly I am happy that they are being held in Canada for the third time. This is a great time to get your team spirit on. So everyone get out your flags and help cheer your country on! The athletes are as excited as the fans down in Vancouver. That’s right, Vancouver is where they are. Vancouver i not far from home here in Courtenay. Vancouver is maybe 3 hours away from here, but anyways enough about me and more about the Olympics!

Alex Bilodeau is the very fist Canadian athlete to ever win a gold medal on home soil. He is a Free Style Skier and he was absolutely amazing, I think he definitely deserved that gold medal. He was very fast and had amazing concentration. He was so happy to be part of the Canadian History and so was the rest of his family. Congratulations Alex!

The Canadian team has 206 athletes on the team and we are all very excited to be participating in these games. There are a lot of athletes and a lot of games to be played. Which is your favorite, because I would love to know? There are so many my favorite game is the Free Style Skiing that is the one we won the medal in. So tell me do you like the luge or the skeleton? What about the alpine skiing or even down hill skiing? It obviously does not have to be out of those four but, it would be great to know which game you like best and why.

So if you live in Sweden or Austria, where ever you are I have a couple questions for you about the Winter Olympics:

  • What country are you cheering for?
  • Who is your favorite Olympic athlete?(If you don’t have one or you don’t watch them that is okay)
  • What is your favorite Winter Olympic game?
  • What is your favorite Summer Olympic game?

And if you comment I am encouraging you to write a post about it! Here is mine.

I am cheering for team Canada, and you can probably guess why…Because I live in Canada! Canada is where the Olympics are being held this year and that is very exciting because it gives team Canada an advantage…kind of! I mean really, where would you most likely play best: at home or at a different country? Really!

Anyways, my favorite Winter Olympic game would have to be the Free Style Skiing, because it is so much fun to watch and I would be interested in doing it when I grow up…and actually can ski down a hill with out falling and bailing into the bush or falling down and hitting a tree OR….you get the point it’s kind of scary for me. But I still love to watch it.

My favorite Winter Olympic athlete would have to be Haley Wickenheiser. She play in Women’s Hockey and she is a great player. Just the other day Canada had played against Slovakia and we won 18-0, and Haley Scored most of the goals. She is a great hockey player. She knows where to go and where to be and how do it all at the same time. She is absolutely amazing!

So answer the questions above and have at’er!

The Way I See Things

They way I see thing

Its all okay

I look around

And he is standing there

I feel like crying

And I feel like dieing

All at the same time

It’s scary

I fell like I’m going to faint

And now I think I will

I’m tiered of looking in the mirror

And seeing the same thing

The same routine

Absolutely everyday

I just need some time to


The way I see things

There not so great

He stands and stares

Then I look the other way

 He, also stands and stares

Now the one right to my left

He, is no longer there

I look to my right he stands and stares

The way I see things

I’m scared, confused, and most of all

They way I see things

I’m in love

It’s Almost Over!

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Chelsea.

So if you read my post about ending the year, I was pretty excited about Summer Vacation, but now it’s almost over. I am really excited for school to start becaue… well, I could just list them, so here the are.

  1. All of the grade 7 teachers left the schoo,l so now we get to meet new ones
  2. There is something about organizing school supplies that I just love so I am looking forward to that
  3. There will be more new students at the school, that mean new friends
  4. I get to see my old friends again because I didn’t really get to see my friends in Summer
  5. I am going to be older then last year….
  6. Here we only have Elementry and High School. K-7 is Elementry and 8-12 is High School so after grade 7 is High School.

So now that there is almost a week left of Summer, my parents are going camping for ten days. In those ten days I will be going to stay at my Grandparents place in Nanaimo. I am looking forward to that because we haven’t seem them in quite a while, AND they just moved, from Lantsville to Nanaimo. It will be good to get away for a while and get my mind off things.

Oh and P.S. My Summer was great.

So tell me about your Summer!

A Time To Remember!

Imagin. You are flying threw the water on a sea-doo. The wind is blowing in your face and the water is hitting your eyes. You here nothing but the sound of bugs and water flying by your ears and all the sudden… SPLASH! You’ve fell off and hit the water. You swin up to the top and luckly you have a life jacket on. You see your partener coming up from the water.

I had the time of my life. My Dad came to pick us up and we had a great time on the way to Nanaimo. When we finally got home after the long trip I went to our room and listened to “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas on youtube, and then we had lunch. We all knew what was going to happen next so we put our bathing suits on and ran out to the truck.

It was around noon at our arival at Brannen Lake. We got the sea doo in the water and found a nice spot on the beach in the hot sun. Tyler, Aleesha and I got three ridddes on the sea doo each. Tyler, Aleesha, then me, last. I love going last because you get a longer turn while getting rides and talking to your parents on the phone. I have known how to ride the sea doo for a while now so I got to ride on my first turn, the my Dad drove for a while. After evrybody’s turn in the first round we had to have a break so my Dad could stay comfrotable and so that the sea doo could cool off, after doing almost I don’t really know but I’m guessing maybe 200 MPH. On My second turn I got to drive again. Eeep! I almost ran into another boat Well no I didn’t almost run into it I just didn’t see it when it was coming from a distance. Then..Another Break!

On my very last turn…My dad took us out of the swimming area and I got to drive again. He told me to go to a boat over on the right side of the lake. It turned out to be someone my Dad knew. This was the best part…My Dad Got OFF! I mean like he got off and told me I could ride it by myself without him on it, not like I wanted him to get off. I went over big waves and got wet. I did big doughnuts and lots of  other stuff. Dad, his friends, (and most of ) I was proud of me!

So ther it is. The highlight of my weekend. I got to ride the sea doo all by myself!

Picture By: koliver

Looking Back!

On the year. Not just me, but how we all bond together!

I have talked with some people over the week and…Oh who am I kidding I had only talked to myself. I said to my self…”Good Bye Grade Six, Hello Lucky Number 7…”

Good Bye Class Mates from on Vimeo.

Looking back on the year…there was a lot to think about. But what can I think about? Is grade seven going to be any different?

So when I do look back I can see the great memories in me but also the memories in everybody else…

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Holiday Hip Hop…

I know what your think ing these are all of them…NO! There are still way more…

If you go and read all the posts I have you can see how I got better and better each time. How I put just writing in one post and then the next week there are links and pictures. How does that happen? And if you go to other classmates blogs you will see the same thing with Sam, Sophie, Haley, Cheayoon, and everyone else.

All the events in school… so much fun. Well this isn’t just on one topic but on the whole year.
I will miss you classmates!! And mostly Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Snowdon A.K.A. The Awesome Not-Twins!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙂

Bye! Splash, splash. Those were my tears…. 🙁

The Fear and Adrenalin of A Jaguar

Getting To Know a Jaguar

The Jaguar is a cat…But a big one! They can climb trees and jump on things that are bigger than them. They can run faster than anything else can. Jaguars can be up to 30 inches tall, 5 ft. long, and up to 350 lbs. All Jaguars are different. There are different colors and spots. Some are black and you may not see the spots as well as you can see them on orange and yellow Jaguars.
The Jaguar species is close to the Leopard species. They were found in South and Central America and now have traveled to Mexico.

Ecosystem and Habitat

Jaguars are always different. Some like to live in warm places and some cooler places, like the mountains. Sometimes Jaguar like to sleep and live in trees and some like to lay in nice tall grass, were the sun is beaming down onto there nice rich and beautiful fur. Jaguars can also (like humans) want a nice peaceful place to sleep, and some more with some company running around, for example. If a Jaguar is lying in the tall grass and a Mother came by with her 3 little baby cubs he wouldn’t mind, but some would. Oh and remember that Jaguars always live alone.

Hunting and Attacking

Jaguars are different hunters then most other cats. They like to watch there prey walk by from a height. The Jaguar will sit in a nice tall tree and pounce right on to there dinner! When the Jaguar has the animal underneath them selves they will bite his dinner in the neck so the animal will be dead. Then…Order Up! Yummy! Jaguars prefer to eat bigger animals like deer and bear for example. I like deer!

Growing and Learning

Jaguars usually mate from March-September so that the baby is born around June in the nice warm weather. A Jaguar is most likely to have a litter of 1-4 cubs, other wise it’s a big handful. The mother teaches her children how to hunt at about 3 months old. Once the cubs know how to hunt, they are off on there own!

Just The Weekend

This weekend was a real cool one.

Friday (June 5th) was my Brother’s Birthday. He turned nine years old. Our Grand parents came that day, only because it was my Grandma Sue’s Birthday two.

That night I wrapped Tyler’s present. I got him the first four of the CaptainUnderpants series. Anyways. When I finished with Tyler’s present we went to Dynasty for dinner. Dynasty is a very good Chinese restaurant. After dinner we went to DQ for cake. Mmm ice cream! On our way back to the car, I said I wanted to ride with Grandpa. So did Tyler.

When we got to the hotel, we opened presents.

Grandpa and Grandma got him some Star Wars Lego. Mom and Cam got him some clothes from the GAP in Nanaimo. And Me and Aleesha got him the book…TRA-LA-LA! Don’t ask…

Mom said that she had another surprise for us…

…Pool Time!

The pool was fun but there were some stuff I won’t mention…I have my reasons.


I woke up…and the phone rang. It was Dad. He said we get to spend the day with him at Comox Lake.

Yet Again the lake was fun but still stuff I won’t mention. But I will mention that I got ice cream and you didn’t (Hehehehehe…No just kidding but I did get ice cream).

When we came home form the lake we had Tyler’s Birthday Party. His two friends came over. We had hot dog chips and coke for dinner. Then, we had freezes! Brain Freeze! Then after that very moment, we had to jump in the car to go see Land Of The Lost!

I would for sure recommend the movie!

At the movie I saw Dom, Michael and Max (Again Not Going To Mention! Err. To much not going to mention stuff).

That was a good day.


Sunday, we went for a long walk for diabetes. 5k.

When we came home (This was the best part of my weekend) I was in the Garden weeding with my Mom. Then when we were finished doing that together we went and made apple crisp for dessert together. We had so much fun together…Oh and the wasn’t it we also prepared dinner for  9 people. Friends were coming over.

Well, that was my weekend. What was yours?

Have a good day! Bye!