1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Teeth Pulled!

 “Okay we are going to give you a little tiny neddle to put you to sleep.” The Doctor said as if it were not to hurt.

 “O-okay, but, w-will it hurt?” I asked in a scared voice, as I said to my self in my head, I hate needles.

 “You will only feel a little pinch, but first we have to put this elastic on your arm, and now we have to put this could water on to freeze it, now we will give you the needle, Okay?”  The nurse said to me.

 “O-okay.” I felt as if they were putting me to sleep with it… But wait they were.

 “Okay here we go.” The Doctor said to me, for it was time to stick the needle in.

“1, 2, 3.” And in it goes.

I remembered the nurse asking if she should bring my mom in but the doctor said in a few minutes and then… I woke up and I didn’t remember anything after that. I woke up with some cotton things in my mouth, the nursesaid that iw asn’t aloud to go to school the next day because I had to take my medication, that had to stay in the fridge. So I went home and stayed home in bed all day. That picture is a picture of my teeth after they were pulled, pretty big huh?

4 thoughts on “1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Teeth Pulled!

  1. Oh my goodness, Chelsea! You said four would be pulled–I think your dentist needs to come to our math class! Your writing had me eyes WIDE–yes, they do say “you will only feel a little pinch. I am glad it’s done. And way to go, you even managed to get a post out: bravo for you–Great picture!

  2. I remmember when i got my teeth pulled but I got 1 toosh pulled and it was werid they put laphing gas in you
    plz comment back.

  3. Hi Chelsea,
    That is probably one of the grossist things I have ever seen!
    It must have seriously hurt when you got them pulled!
    How long did it take for the dentist to get them all out?

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