Just The Weekend

This weekend was a real cool one.

Friday (June 5th) was my Brother’s Birthday. He turned nine years old. Our Grand parents came that day, only because it was my Grandma Sue’s Birthday two.

That night I wrapped Tyler’s present. I got him the first four of the CaptainUnderpants series. Anyways. When I finished with Tyler’s present we went to Dynasty for dinner. Dynasty is a very good Chinese restaurant. After dinner we went to DQ for cake. Mmm ice cream! On our way back to the car, I said I wanted to ride with Grandpa. So did Tyler.

When we got to the hotel, we opened presents.

Grandpa and Grandma got him some Star Wars Lego. Mom and Cam got him some clothes from the GAP in Nanaimo. And Me and Aleesha got him the book…TRA-LA-LA! Don’t ask…

Mom said that she had another surprise for us…

…Pool Time!

The pool was fun but there were some stuff I won’t mention…I have my reasons.


I woke up…and the phone rang. It was Dad. He said we get to spend the day with him at Comox Lake.

Yet Again the lake was fun but still stuff I won’t mention. But I will mention that I got ice cream and you didn’t (Hehehehehe…No just kidding but I did get ice cream).

When we came home form the lake we had Tyler’s Birthday Party. His two friends came over. We had hot dog chips and coke for dinner. Then, we had freezes! Brain Freeze! Then after that very moment, we had to jump in the car to go see Land Of The Lost!

I would for sure recommend the movie!

At the movie I saw Dom, Michael and Max (Again Not Going To Mention! Err. To much not going to mention stuff).

That was a good day.


Sunday, we went for a long walk for diabetes. 5k.

When we came home (This was the best part of my weekend) I was in the Garden weeding with my Mom. Then when we were finished doing that together we went and made apple crisp for dessert together. We had so much fun together…Oh and the wasn’t it we also prepared dinner for  9 people. Friends were coming over.

Well, that was my weekend. What was yours?

Have a good day! Bye!

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