A Time To Remember!

Imagin. You are flying threw the water on a sea-doo. The wind is blowing in your face and the water is hitting your eyes. You here nothing but the sound of bugs and water flying by your ears and all the sudden… SPLASH! You’ve fell off and hit the water. You swin up to the top and luckly you have a life jacket on. You see your partener coming up from the water.

I had the time of my life. My Dad came to pick us up and we had a great time on the way to Nanaimo. When we finally got home after the long trip I went to our room and listened to “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas on youtube, and then we had lunch. We all knew what was going to happen next so we put our bathing suits on and ran out to the truck.

It was around noon at our arival at Brannen Lake. We got the sea doo in the water and found a nice spot on the beach in the hot sun. Tyler, Aleesha and I got three ridddes on the sea doo each. Tyler, Aleesha, then me, last. I love going last because you get a longer turn while getting rides and talking to your parents on the phone. I have known how to ride the sea doo for a while now so I got to ride on my first turn, the my Dad drove for a while. After evrybody’s turn in the first round we had to have a break so my Dad could stay comfrotable and so that the sea doo could cool off, after doing almost I don’t really know but I’m guessing maybe 200 MPH. On My second turn I got to drive again. Eeep! I almost ran into another boat Well no I didn’t almost run into it I just didn’t see it when it was coming from a distance. Then..Another Break!

On my very last turn…My dad took us out of the swimming area and I got to drive again. He told me to go to a boat over on the right side of the lake. It turned out to be someone my Dad knew. This was the best part…My Dad Got OFF! I mean like he got off and told me I could ride it by myself without him on it, not like I wanted him to get off. I went over big waves and got wet. I did big doughnuts and lots of  other stuff. Dad, his friends, (and most of ) I was proud of me!

So ther it is. The highlight of my weekend. I got to ride the sea doo all by myself!

Picture By: koliver

One thought on “A Time To Remember!

  1. Hey Chels!!!!

    That sounds like so much fun. When I went to winnipeg and the lake with my family I tried wake boarding and I got out of the water for about 10 seconds but then I fell. It was so much fun. I totally going to try that next year. I love being on the boat its so much fun no matter what your doing.

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