It’s Almost Over!

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Chelsea.

So if you read my post about ending the year, I was pretty excited about Summer Vacation, but now it’s almost over. I am really excited for school to start becaue… well, I could just list them, so here the are.

  1. All of the grade 7 teachers left the schoo,l so now we get to meet new ones
  2. There is something about organizing school supplies that I just love so I am looking forward to that
  3. There will be more new students at the school, that mean new friends
  4. I get to see┬ámy old friends again because I didn’t really get to see my friends in Summer
  5. I am going to be older then last year….
  6. Here we only have Elementry and High School. K-7 is Elementry and 8-12 is High School so after grade 7 is High School.

So now that there is almost a week left of Summer, my parents are going camping for ten days. In those ten days I will be going to stay at my Grandparents place in Nanaimo. I am looking forward to that because we haven’t seem them in quite a while, AND they just moved, from Lantsville to Nanaimo. It will be good to get away for a while and get my mind off things.

Oh and P.S. My Summer was great.

So tell me about your Summer!

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