The Winter Olympics

Hi everyone!

p1_022006_yen_siAs most of you know, the Winter Olympics have begun. I am so happy to get to see them and more importantly I am happy that they are being held in Canada for the third time. This is a great time to get your team spirit on. So everyone get out your flags and help cheer your country on! The athletes are as excited as the fans down in Vancouver. That’s right, Vancouver is where they are. Vancouver i not far from home here in Courtenay. Vancouver is maybe 3 hours away from here, but anyways enough about me and more about the Olympics!

Alex Bilodeau is the very fist Canadian athlete to ever win a gold medal on home soil. He is a Free Style Skier and he was absolutely amazing, I think he definitely deserved that gold medal. He was very fast and had amazing concentration. He was so happy to be part of the Canadian History and so was the rest of his family. Congratulations Alex!

The Canadian team has 206 athletes on the team and we are all very excited to be participating in these games. There areĀ a lot of athletes and a lot of games to be played. Which is your favorite, because I would love to know? There are so many my favorite game is the Free Style Skiing that is the one we won the medal in. So tell me do you like the luge or the skeleton? What about the alpine skiing or even down hill skiing? It obviously does not have to be out of those four but, it would be great to know which game you like best and why.

So if you live in Sweden or Austria, where ever you are I have a couple questions for you about the Winter Olympics:

  • What country are you cheering for?
  • Who is your favorite Olympic athlete?(If you don’t have one or you don’t watch them that is okay)
  • What is your favorite Winter Olympic game?
  • What is your favorite Summer Olympic game?

And if you comment I am encouraging you to write a post about it! Here is mine.

I am cheering for team Canada, and you can probably guess why…Because I live in Canada! Canada is where the Olympics are being held this year and that is very exciting because it gives team Canada an advantage…kind of! I mean really, where would you most likely play best: at home or at a different country? Really!

Anyways, my favorite Winter Olympic game would have to be the Free Style Skiing, because it is so much fun to watch and I would be interested in doing it when I grow up…and actually can ski down a hill with out falling and bailing into the bush or falling down and hitting a tree OR….you get the point it’s kind of scary for me. But I still love to watch it.

My favorite Winter Olympic athlete would have to be Haley Wickenheiser. She play in Women’s Hockey and she is a great player. Just the other day Canada had played against Slovakia and we won 18-0, and Haley Scored most of the goals. She is a great hockey player. She knows where to go and where to be and how do it all at the same time. She is absolutely amazing!

So answer the questions above and have at’er!

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